“Not all Pet Care is created equal”

As a pet owner you should know that there is not only a variety of places to go for your pet care, there is also a vast difference in quality of care your pet receives. All of our procedures are performed with the highest of standards; we treat your pet as if it were one of our own.

Animal Health Care Center is extremely competitive with our pricing relative to the caliber of services performed. While we are in the same price range as most other Veterinary facilities, we go the extra mile for our patients and clients.

Some Hospitals only provide basic care for a similar price. Listed below are all of the items that are included in our surgical procedures. (This applies to both feline and canine) You should ask your Veterinarian if these items are included in their surgeries.

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Some Hospitals only quote for the basics and they fail to inform you that there are other items involved at a much higher price. We invite you to compare their level of care and cost to ours.

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