On the adoption of your New Family Pet!

In Celebration Animal HealthCare Center would like to give you a gift:

One Complimentary Physical Exam!

We would like you to take the time and schedule your new pet’s free doctor exam today because your pet’s health depends on you. Call (425) 203-9000 today!

At Animal HealthCare Center we’re committed to your pet’s health, we are pleased to offer you this free physical exam ($47 value) and (2) discounted parasite screens (checking for worms) at your pet’s first visit.

As a full service Health Care Facility, we can provide your pet with: deworming, spay or neuter, vaccinations, dental care, behavior and diet counseling, preventative medicine, vitamin supplements etc.. Though today’s visit is discounted, there are additional fees for any diagnostics, medications, or services that are not included in the free physical exam. The physical exam assesses the general health of your new pet. The free physical exam and discounted parasite screen applies only to your first visit.

At your request we will provide you with a written estimate for any medical services that may be recommended by our doctors. Your free exam is limited to 30 minutes with the doctor, if you have additional questions feel free to Call (425) 203-9000.

You must print this page and bring it with you to redeem. Please note, if you are a first time client, we accept all major credit cards and cash. No personal checks without a prior payment history. As a courtesy to other customers, if you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, you may be asked to reschedule.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (425) 203-9000.