Pet Services We Provide

Vaccinations, Canine and Feline Spays and Neuters, Pet Dentals, Comprehensive Physical Exams, Complete Geriatric Work ups, Cancer Evaluations/Work up, Offering a Full Range of Medical and Surgical Procedures, Dermatology, Ear and Eye Treatments.

Isolation Ward

Isolation Ward For pets that are very sick or contagious we have an isolation ward separate from all of our other kennels. It is behind glass doors, has smooth fiberglass walls and its own floor drain so that it can be easily washed down and sterilized to prevent the spread of germs. It has its own oxygen supply and a sealable Plexiglas kennel door for oxygen therapy or for the aerosolization of medications when necessary. This room has an independent negative airflow and exhaust fan which controls and confines, odors, germs, and contaminants.


All of the trash from AHCC is recycled 100%. (To the extent that it can be) We use new generation eco fluorescent light fixtures that are smaller and 50% more energy efficient than the old style standard fluorescent bulbs. Our walls are super energy efficient, insulated with Green guard, indoor air quality certified insulation. We conserve water by the utilization of water conserving fixtures and recirculation our hot water supply to diminish heat loss or wasteful water running to get hot water from the tap through long cold copper lines.

Speaking of water, all of the water run off from our roof is internally collected and recycled into our planter beds, not dumped into the storm drain system. AHCC has planted several new trees, shrubs and bushes where before there was nothing but weeds and choking vines for ground cover. Our heating and air system uses the outside air first before using natural gas to heat or cool.

Unlike electricity or oil burning units that can pollute the air, we utilize natural gas which emits fewer pollutants, and produces water as the only major byproduct of burning natural gas.