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We encourage you to do your own research and find out for yourself that most “low cost” providers are low cost in name only. AHCC does NOT claim to be nor do we want to be a “low cost” facility. However we do provide the best care for the dollar spent. We offer each client treatment options for their pet care, tailored to the pets medical needs & the owners budget. If the pet has several medical problems, has an ongoing medical condition, or there are multiple pets in the family, we understand that it’s not always financially feasible or practical to manage everything in one appointment. AHCC offers inordinately low pricing on most vaccines, flea/tic & heart worm preventative, discounts on many other commonly used pet medications, routine surgeries & dental cleaning (real dental cleaning- not just tooth scaling like many discount clinics- do your research there is a massive difference.) We offer a whole host of other ongoing promotions: Free exam for new pets, Free pet nail trims, 25% off services for 1 yr for adopted shelter/ rescue pets.

Read below to find out why AHCC uses a safer, specialized FELV & Rabies vaccine for cats

Why is PUREVAX Rabies and Feline Leukemia vaccine different from conventional vaccines?

Conventional vaccines are made from a whole killed virus combined with adjuvant. The purpose of the adjuvant is to facilitate immune stimulation.  This material holds the virus in the area of the vaccination so it can be released slowly, allowing immune stimulation to take place over a longer time period.  The PUREVAX vaccines use live harmless virus that has been modified, using recombinent technology, to express proteins on its surface that produce a protective immune response to Rabies and/or Feline Leukemia. The PUREVAX vaccine does not use an adjuvant.

Why do we use the conventional FVRCP vaccine?

The conventional FVRCP vaccine is a modified live vaccine which uses a live virus that has been modified such that actual disease does not result in infection.  It produces a very strong immunity without using adjuvant.

Why doesn’t the PUREVAX Rabies and Feline Leukemia vaccine last for more than one year?

The PUREVAX vaccines do not contain any adjuvant.  Adjuvant has been used in the past with killed vaccines to increase the immune stimulation and allow the response to last longer than a year.  PUREVAX vaccines are considered safer because they do not contain adjuvant.  Adjuvant has been linked to increased risk of developing injection site tumors.  With this vaccine, we trade a longer duration of immunity for a non-adjuvated vaccine.

AHCC Vaccines are a 66%-250% Savings compared to others

Vaccines* (one year vaccines only)

(“Discount Vets” may contain other similar words such as; Low Cost, Value, Affordable, Cost Cutter, Pet Care for Less, Jiffy Vet, Cheap Pet Care, etc)

AHCC           RentonDiscount Vet RentonDiscount Vet(s) KentDiscount Vet Federal WayMany other local vet clinics
DHLPPC (dog)    $16.95

FVRCP  (cat)    $16.95

DHLPPC $19.95

FVRCP  $19.95

DHLPPC    $20.00

FVRCP    $20.00

DHLPPC $27.00

FVRCP  $27.00

DHLPPC $20-$29.50

FVRCP   $20.00-$29.50

Bordetella (dog) $16.95

Leukemia (cat) $16.95* add $14 for (PureVax)

Bordetella $24.95

Leukemia $19.95

Bordetella  $20.00

Leukemia $20.00

Bordetella $27.00

Leukemia $27.00

Bordetella $20-$29.50

Leukemia   $20-$35

Rabies (1yr) $16.95 (dog)

Rabies Cat$16.95* add $10 for (PureVax)

Rabies (1yr) $19.95

Rabies Cat  $19.95

Rabies (1yr) $15.00

Rabies Cat $15.00

Rabies (1yr) $19.00

Rabies Cat   $19.00

Rabies (1yr) $19-$29.50

Rabies Cat      $19-$35

Lymes (Dog)     $16.95Lymes   $23.95Lymes      $20.00Lymes    $27.00Lymes   $19-$29.50