​”A great deal isn’t just about what you pay- It’s about what you get for what you pay.”

As a pet owner you should know that there is not only a variety of places to go for your pet care, there is also a vast difference in quality of care your pet receives. All of our procedures are performed with the highest of standards; we treat your pet as if it were one of our own.

Animal Health Care Center(AHCC) is extremely competitive with our pricing relative to the caliber of services performed. While we are in the same price range as most other Full Service Veterinary facilities, we go the extra mile for our patients and clients.AHCC offers low prices on routine flea control & many other common medications as well as a host of discounted or free services that simply aren’t provided at most veterinary facilities.

Low Cost Clinics: Many “value” type clinics are “low cost” in name only, so don’t be fooled by that. Or they cut corners medically, exposing your pet to substandard care to create artificial savings. Some places only provide basic care for a similar price. Others just list out a few discount prices on the most common services, but they make it up elsewhere BIG TIME. Many Low Cost Vets say that they’re much less expensive, but listed below are some of the reasons they can charge less for some of their services. They’re cutting cost by cutting industry standards of care. Behind closed doors the public would never really know the difference unless you know what to look for or what questions to ask. Look at the list and compare what many Low Cost Clinics ARE NOT providing. Hmmmmm…. What else are they not telling you?

The Low Cost Vets list prices for what they call “routine” services (spays, neuters, dentistry, etc). What they don’t tell you is that most of the time your pet will fall under the “non-routine” category. By the time you add back all of their fees for “non-routine” care, it’s no longer “Low Cost” AND they still don’t provide your pet with most of the items listed below.

Here is a list of things that are included in ALL AHCC anesthetic procedures. (This applies to both feline and canine) You should ask your Veterinarian if these items are included in their surgeries, or dental procedures. Some of the Low Cost facilities may have certain required equipment onsite but it doesn’t mean they use it. This equipment requires that trained veterinary staff log payroll hours to operate this equipment. Most Low Cost clinics are simply unwilling to spend the payroll dollars required to keep your pet safe.

Risk vs Reward Check List

Cost of procedure (Spay, Neuter, Dental Other)AHCCLow Cost Vet
Includes the following: 
-Pre-anesthetic Exam
-Pre-anesthetic sedation injections                 (Takes “the edge off” makes pet relax, start to get sleepy, keeps the pet calm during the initial minutes of general anesthesia)None

(costs extra- may not even be available)

-Gas inhalant anesthesia  +/-
-Anesthetic protocols individually tailoredto each pet: (take into consideration age, underlying disease conditions, length of procedure, etc)None
-Actual Surgery, Dental or procedure
-IV Catheter &IV FluidsNone
-Constant electronic monitoring              (Heart rate & blood oxygen levels)None
-Pulse Oximeter                                  (Monitors Heart Rate & Blood Oxygen)None
-Heat Support                                    (Maintains constant body temp preventing hypothermia and shock. It also speeds recovery. +/-

(costs extra- may not even be available)

-Licensed Anesthetic Pet Nurse                           (Present throughout surgery) +/-
-Pet Nurse Monitored Recovery PeriodNone
-Vitals Monitored & Temp taken every hour         (Helps ensure a smooth recovery period)None
-Overnight Hospitalization                  (Lessens the chance of post operative complications)None

(costs extra- may not even be available)

Post-operative pain control medication            (Long acting pain reliever. Speeds recovery and hastens the healing process)None

(costs extra)

-e-Collar provided at go home                     (To prevent patient from self inflicted injuries)None

(costs extra- may not even be available)

-Post-surgical instructions are always provided  (including home monitoring and care post-op as well as instructions for the recovery and healing period.)Typically Not
-12-day post-op surgery recheck & suture removalTypically Not

“Real Quality Care is worth something, and we’re willing to prove it!” 

-A note about shelter & rescue groups:

AHCC is a strong supporter of shelters & rescues. These groups differ greatly from privately owned Low Cost Vets & they do the best they can with what they have. Most of the time relying solely on donations and limited public funding to operate on a day to day basis. Some of these groups can keep their pet care costs lower in many cases due to public or tax payer subsidization. Additionally, often times a significant number of their pet care staff members are volunteers, translating into additional cost savings for the work they perform. Here in the greater Seattle area we are blessed to have such a giving community. There are many local non-profit shelters and rescues that are “in the trenches” everyday helping to place pets with loving, responsible families.