Pricing & Promotions

“A great deal isn’t just about what you pay- It’s about what you get for what you pay.”

“Real Quality Care is worth something, and we’re willing to prove it!”

Free Exam for New Pets

(every pet in your household can have a free exam)

AHCC has been running this promotion for over 20 yrs now. You will find that many clinics in our area are offering a watered down version of the same promo. Here’s the difference….

…….At AHCC every new pet in your home gets a free initial exam. The imitators are offering limited exams, one per household or have artificial expiration dates. Some only offer a certain dollar amount off of your first exam (still only one per household). We invite you to go get a free or discounted exam anywhere it’s offered. BUT before you agree to other services, come get an exam at AHCC and discover the difference for yourself. Our pet exams are 2-5 times more thorough than most places, and 5-10 times more thorough than discount places.

-Three years worth of service discounts**:

-25% off services for year one, 20% off services for yrs 2-3. That means off ANY service for your pet. If your pet gets sick or injured in any way, you get the service items discounted. There’s NO UPFRONT COST, NO MONTHLY or ongoing membership cost for this promotion. With us you use what you need when you need it!

If you have adopted a new pet into your home from anywhere shelter, rescue, private breeder, friend, family, store adoption, community event.**

A note about shelters & rescue groups.

A note about shelter & rescue groups: AHCC is a strong supporter of shelters & rescues. These groups differ greatly from privately owned Low Cost Vets & they do the best they can with what they have. Most of the time relying solely on donations and limited public funding to operate on a day to day basis. Some of these groups can keep their pet care costs lower in many cases due to public or tax payer subsidization. Additionally, often times a significant number of their pet care staff members are volunteers, translating into additional cost savings for the work they perform. Here in the greater Seattle area we are blessed to have such a giving community. There are many local non-profit shelters and rescues that are “in the trenches” everyday helping to place pets with loving, responsible families.


Most core one yr Vaccines are only $27.95*

Dog Spay* (based on weight) Cat Spay* $119.95

1-20# $149.95

21-50# $159.95

51-70# $189.95

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Dog Neuter* Cat Neuter* $69.95- $150.00

1-20# $139.95

21-40# $149.95

41-60# $159.95

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*Price reflects cost of procedure only, and may vary depending on age, condition, weight, additional service selections, pain management options, operative support, & other factors. You will receive a written treatment plan for your approval at the time of your pet’s appointment prior to any work being performed. Other restrictions may apply ask one of our DVM’s for details.

Teeth Cleaning*

Dog $89.95- $119.95 Cat $89.95

*Prices listed are for routine cleaning only. Prices may vary based on the complexity of your pet’s dental needs. You will receive a written treatment plan for your approval at the time of your pet’s appointment prior to any work being performed.