Community Animal Relief Expo - (CARE)

As a way of thanking the Renton community for all of your loyalty and support over the years, Animal Health Care Center has launched the “Community Animal Relief Expo" (CARE). A portion of every dollar you spend on services at AHCC gets donated toward this yearly event. At least once a year AHCC will be closing its doors for regular business and inviting all senior citizens over the age of 65 AND any armed services member that has been wounded in the line of duty (wounded warriors) to participate in our annual CARE program. The purpose of this event is multifaceted….

Animal Health Care Center staff will be performing “pet tune-ups” for the entire day(s). These “pet tune-ups” consist of basic care services and vaccines, all at NO COST to participants. To answer the inevitable question that is probably in your head right now…. THERE IS NO CATCH, participants don’t have to buy anything from us, and they DO NOT have to be low income to participate. All they have to do is show up. For those participants that have been blessed with good fortune in their lives, AHCC will gladly accept all donations during this event so that your generosity can help AHCC serve more people that currently may not have the resources to afford these pet services.

The date for this event will be determined on a year to year basis and will be announced as far in advance as practical. Persons interested in participating should check our website frequently as it will likely be the first place we will announce the date(s) & times. Go to and search the first few pages AND the calendar for the announcement.*

(*Some restrictions may apply, call for details) 

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